Monday, February 09, 2009

Be A Celebrity @ Your Local Record Store

So many compliment our dogmatic nature in finding that "Hard to find" or "Out of Print" piece of music that's been missing from their collections, or lives, for that matter. Since some music spots are feeling the financial pinch, and are closing down all together, we at Memory Lane CD's & Records wanted to make it a little more personal for our customers, in particular our regulars.

Ask us to take a picture of you and your recent, cherished purchase, and it's going up on the blog. NUFF SAID!!! BE A RECORD STORE CELEB!
SHOW THAT SUPPORT! Some already have......

This brother is all about that jazz thing!

We know why this guy is happy. As much as we'd like to take credit for the Boney James cd he purchased putting a smile on his face, his paraphernalia speaks volumes also.

Gotta love that super rare vinyl!

This customer came into the store for the first time and found a Shirelles cd that made him wanna holla' like Marvin.

We'll also be taking written testimonials also. Video & written!

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