Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Spent How Much On Records???!!!

Our Labor Day weekend sale was a tremendous success.  We thank all of our customers for coming out and supporting us in-between their vacation activities.  There were quite a few buyers who took full advantage of the sale and helped us gain some much need walking space on our selling floor.  We wish we could show you plenty of pictures of the smiles and the happy chaos that overtook your favorite record store, but many chose not to have their pictures taken, due to the upcoming explanations they have to give to their spouses and significant others, henceforth, the title of this post. 

One brave soul did let us take his picture with his record stack.  He stated that he didn't mind being the poster boy for our sale because his wife knew it was a forgone conclusion that if he left the house this holiday weekend, it would be to buy records.  Communication is the key to a happy marriage!
Thanks again to all that have, and will continue to, support your favorite record store.

-Michael & Marshall

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