Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr. "Impeach The President" Visits Memory Lane

We recently had the honor of having Southern Soul legend Roy C. grace us with his presence. Roy makes a yearly appearance in the DC area, usually in the spring, and our store always carries a heavy load of his material. After making an appearance on local radio, he shows up with his new studio & live cd's in tow, ready to do business. We were just excited to finally meet him in stead of speaking to him over the phone. It turned out to being an unplanned "In-Store" without all the hassle of setting up one. Some of his biggest fans were in house. Of course the usual hugs, handshakes, and autographs were given.

Roy informed us, in passing conversation, he's been in the music business "OFFICIALLY" 52 years. First starting out with The Genies, then with his own group Mark IV. I personally know the influence he's had on my love of music, and most lovers of hip-hop, by way of the seminal song "Impeach The President" by another group he produced, The Honey Drippers. That's his voice on the famous vocal sample "Ladies and Gentlemen.....". Plus, as we discussed, "Impeach The President" has been samples so many times, due to it's perfect drum break at the beginning of the song, he gave up counting 20 years ago. Although he did mention he liked the way Asher Roth's producers used the song recently on his new release.

After an hour of pictures, autographs, good talk about business & entertainment, it was time for our newest and biggest fan to get some rest for his big show later that night. Since his visit, he's called us letting us know how much he enjoyed his time in our home away from home. I'm mad he didn't inform us of his appearance beforhand. I would have loved for him to sign my copy of "Impeach The President". For those of you who love his music, and want more of it, come in and check out our full catalog of Roy C. music. As stated earlier, he's got a new studio cd (which has been one of our top 3 selling cd's since it release), and a live cd he recorded last year that has all his best material over that past 30 years. Click on the link below to check out the Washington Post write up on his most recent performance in the DC.


Friday, April 17, 2009


Your favorite local record store is getting some love from the local papers. The Gazette is a state newspaper that focuses on current events in Prince George's, Montgomery & Frederick counties. Most of our local customers get theirs every other morning laying on their front porch. Seems as though word got back to some staff writers over at the Gazette about Record Store Day. This is an annual event in which independently owned music stores, coast to coast, celebrate and recognize these businesses that are far too often becoming a thing of the past. We guess the Gazette wanted the local perspective of this annual event. Check the official Record Store Day website,

It's good every once in a while to get some press, good that is. Double click the title "HOT-OFF-THE-PRESS" to view the full article if you haven't picked up April 16th edition of the Gazette. The print article is on the front page of the Lanham/New Carrollton edition. Thanks to all the patrons mentioned in the article for showing alot of love and goodwill to our store. This edition just hit the street and we're already getting great feedback from the article. Also have to thank Mr. Mattison for the mean grip bestowed upon my man Mike in the picture. We know you found what you were looking for when you came in, but we didn't know the photographer got such a candid shot.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adding The Rarest Soul Label To Our Collection

For those who don't know about DC's own Shrine Label, it's affectionately known as the "Rarest Soul Label".

According to Wikipedia: Shrine Records was founded in 1964 by songwriter Eddie Singleton and his wife, Raynoma Gordy Singleton, also known as Miss Ray, who had previously cofounded the legendary Motown Records with her first husband, Berry Gordy. Its headquarters was a townhouse at 3 Thomas Circle NW, Washington DC. There were a total of 19 Shrine Records singles released, and about six more completed recordings that were never issued. Eddie Singleton wrote many of the songs himself, and the musicians were primarily local Washington acts. Notable artists involved with Shrine included Ray Pollard (who later released material on Decca), Linda Tate, Eddie Daye & The Four Bars, and The Cavaliers. However, none of the Shrine singles were significant hits, and the label ceased operations in 1967. Shrine's stock of unsold records was destroyed in a warehouse fire in the 1968 Martin Luther King riots. As a result, very few Shrine records remain today, and they are highly sought-after by collectors.

The most famous, and well known Shrine recording was....

this is how the label usually looks when you're blessed to come across a Shrine 45.

This is only the second time we've been able to acquire Leroy Taylor and the Four Kays "Taking My Time/I'll Understand", and we've never seen it this clean. It's been a hell of a week already for records in our store. Come in and spend some of that tax return moneyon what will truly get you through some hard economic times. Unlike booze, food, shoes, clothing etc., music is forever

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Asbury Park's Finest Comes to Memory Lane. Sorry Bruce :(

This weekend we had the pleasure of welcoming two heavy record aficianados into our home away from home. Gracing the storefront was our bretheren DJ Prestige(center), and Larry Grogan(second from right).

My man Larry controls the website. Anyone who knows funk, and is akin to record diggin', knows Larry has been on the scene for some time sharing his knowledge and blessing us with some of the finest gems in soul music.

DJ Prestige has, by his own accord been diggin' all his life(well at least since he could work a turntable). He's blessed small clubs to big venues coast to coast. Besides being a self imposed facial hair expert, Pres' collection of funk is obscene. Check out both his sites, &, for just some of what he's been putting down for all us beat heads, soul gurus, and just music lovers alike.

It was a pleasure to finally meet both of these gentlemen whose sites I've mined for some time. They thanked the both Mike and myself for our hospitality and some good 45's for their future gigs. I had to thank them for the amazing dj set I witnessed Friday night. They are by far some of the nicest, most humble guys I've met on the dj scene.
BTW, my main man on the far right is DJ Birdman. He's responsible for getting the guys to come down and bless DC with their presence. He's also my dj partner and would have a fit if I left him out of this conversation. Check his blog (which can also be accessed to the far right of this page):