Monday, September 23, 2013

Keeping Austin Weird @ Breakaway Records

It's been a few weeks since their trip to your favorite record store, but we had to show some love and respect to Breakaway Records and their owners, and good friends of our store, Joshua LaRue and Gabe Vaughn. In town for the MONEYTOWN dance party with our friend Kevin Coombe at Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar on H Street, these former DC transplants are "Keeping Austin Weird"as the saying goes.  Breakaway Records is one of the best places for vinyl and hard to find music in Austin, TX. Kind of like us, only transplanted to Texas. To our followers, if you're in their city anytime soon, or in the near future, please show love and support to Breakaway Records. Your music fix will definately get cured. Thanks again fellas!

Friday, September 20, 2013


When legends pass away from us, it's always harder when we know them personally.  Grandmaster DJ Roc Raida had only moved to the DC area a few years previous, and was turned onto to your favorite record store from some local heavy hitters on the DJ scene.  He was impressed by our selection, and asked if we catered to big name DJ's by only selling choice vinyl to a select few.  He was assured that we didn't play games, and that we treat all customers the same.  We love to cater to those with deep pockets, but our loyal customers who spend a few dollars faithfully are NEVER put on the back burner.

I believe it was his fifth or sixth visit to our store that I finally broke down and asked him to take a picture for the store.  I look at this picture and I'm so thankful he let me take it.  It's a treasure that I share with you, in this the anniversary of his passing.  I can't believe it's been FOUR years since he left us.   Whenever I look at this picture, I can't stop thinking about how I almost didn't ask him to take it with me, and his friend DJ Book,  and how, at first, he was hesitant, but obliged anyway.  This picture was taken in late January, or first week of Febuary 2009.  He left us September 19, 2009.

Thank you Grandmaster Roc Raida for perfecting the art of beat juggling.  Thank you for forming the X-Men (later the X-Ecutioners).  Thank you for the countless DJ sessions, mixtapes (in particular, the break beat tapes) that inspired countless DJ's around the world to only attempt to do what you did best.  Thank you for creating one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs of all time, O.C.'s "Time's Up".  Last, but not least, thank you for gracing our store with your presence, and being the humble brother didn't pull his celebrity card.  You only wanted to know if we had good records and kept coming back because you felt we did.  THANK YOU.   -Marshall

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Friend "The Nitekrawler"

From time to time, we like to show appreciation to some of our great customers and noted personalities from, or currently residing in, the DMV.  On display today is our friend and longtime customer Kevin Coombe, a.k.a. DJ Nitekrawler.  Kevin is a walking resource for DC, Maryland, and Virginia funk and soul. He currently runs the website DC Soul Recordings, which is a one stop shop for information on funk, soul, and R&B from the late '60's, '70's, and early 80's in our area. We're proud to say, some of his rarer pieces have been discovered here at your favorite record store. 

Anybody who may question is knowledge or want to know how deep his crates run, check out Moneytown, his long running funk & soul night at Little Miss Whiskey's On H Street.  It goes down every first Friday of the month, and is one of the best dance parties in the city.  Many high profile DJ legends have graced his booth on the strength of this night.  DJ Cash Money, and Prince Paul to name a few. 

One thing in particular that we're excited about is that Kevin is FINALLY getting started on his much anticipated book that will honor and chronicle the funk, soul, and R&B music history of the area, mainly focusing on the '60's, '70's, and '80's.  What his beautiful wife is holding in her hands are the original flow charts and first chapter of this soon to be treasure.  We know that alot of time and effort have gone into getting this far into the process of writing a book (interviews, research, travel, etc.)  So when it's available to all of you in the upcoming years, just remember, we let you know about it from the very start.  To our friend Kevin, keep diggin', keep writing, and keep the funk alive.