Thursday, December 12, 2013

Give the Gift of Music

Now that the holiday season's in full swing, we want to make finding a gift easier for your music lover and thank our faithful customers with a super present. Starting now -- Christmas, we will be selling gift certificates at reduced prices: buy a $ 25 gift certificate and we will put an extra $ 5 on it. So spend $ 25 and get $ 30 value! We have a limited number of these to sell before Christmas, so come in before they are gone. Certificates can be used anytime -- no expiration. No limit, while they last. Happy holidays from your favorite store!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November Holiday Sale. Round 4

We'll be closed Thursday, November 28th, in recognition of Thanksgiving. For Nov. 25th-Dec. 1st, mention this ad at the cash register, and you'll receive 25% off any record, CD, tape, or DVD purchase.


HEADS UP! Shop Small Saturday, Nov. 30th

We're gearing up for American Express "Shop Small Saturday", November 30th. For all of our American Express card customers, please sign up and come in to your favorite record store, Memory Lane,  and receive an additional 10% on all items on the selling floor.

 Additonal 10% savings is not to be used for items on hold, or in conjuction with other offers/specials.

Monday, November 18, 2013

November Holiday Sale. Round 3

For the week of Monday, Nov. 18th-Sunday, Nov. 24th, mention this ad at the cash register, and you'll receive 20% off any CD, tape, or DVD purchase, or 25% off any record. Sale includes stock items on the selling floor ONLY; EXCLUDING ITEMS ON HOLD AND SPECIAL ORDERS.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Huge 45 Haul!

Huge haul of 45's/7"



Sunday, November 10, 2013

November Holiday Sale. Round 2

For the week of Monday, Nov. 11th-Sunday, Nov. 17th, mention this ad at the cash register and receive 15% off any CD, tape, or DVD purchases, or 25% off any records.  Sale includes stock items on the selling floor ONLY. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Let The Holiday Shopping Commence!

This November, in preparation for your Thanksgiving gathering, we will be offering a new sale every week. This is our way of giving thanks for your continued patronage.  To kick things off, the week of Monday, November 4 to Sunday, November 10, like this post on our Facebook page, or mention it at the cash register, and you'll receive 10% off any CD, tape, or DVD purchase. 
20% off any record. Sale includes in-stock items on the selling floor only; excluding items on hold.

Watch for new specials!

Friday, October 04, 2013

"Gotta Give A Shoutout To The Large Professor..."

This iconic line from the '90's Hip-Hop classic, "Freestyle (Yo, That's That S***)" from Diamond D, sums up how we've been feeling since Hip-Hop legend/producer Large Professor walked through our doors.  Checking out his Wikipedia page, and the list of songs and albums credited to him, almost seems incomplete.  Being a force in Hip-Hop since the late 1980's, he's by far one of the most influential Hip-Hop producers of all time.  Kind of a "producer's producer".  Visiting your favorite record store before a gig in the DMV with family, he was gracious, and excited to see a store that catered to rare and hard to find material.  Our specialty.  Mad that he and his family couldn't spend more time in our store before their DJ set, their time was well spent going through all of our bins.  One of the great ironies of his trip to our store was that his seminal Hip-Hop group, Main Source's "Breaking Atoms", and his own "Main Source" cd's were being purchased by a very good customer of our store who he had passed by on his way in.  Xtra P, when you read this, know that your music lives here at Memory Lane and you and yours are welcome anytime.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Keeping Austin Weird @ Breakaway Records

It's been a few weeks since their trip to your favorite record store, but we had to show some love and respect to Breakaway Records and their owners, and good friends of our store, Joshua LaRue and Gabe Vaughn. In town for the MONEYTOWN dance party with our friend Kevin Coombe at Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar on H Street, these former DC transplants are "Keeping Austin Weird"as the saying goes.  Breakaway Records is one of the best places for vinyl and hard to find music in Austin, TX. Kind of like us, only transplanted to Texas. To our followers, if you're in their city anytime soon, or in the near future, please show love and support to Breakaway Records. Your music fix will definately get cured. Thanks again fellas!

Friday, September 20, 2013


When legends pass away from us, it's always harder when we know them personally.  Grandmaster DJ Roc Raida had only moved to the DC area a few years previous, and was turned onto to your favorite record store from some local heavy hitters on the DJ scene.  He was impressed by our selection, and asked if we catered to big name DJ's by only selling choice vinyl to a select few.  He was assured that we didn't play games, and that we treat all customers the same.  We love to cater to those with deep pockets, but our loyal customers who spend a few dollars faithfully are NEVER put on the back burner.

I believe it was his fifth or sixth visit to our store that I finally broke down and asked him to take a picture for the store.  I look at this picture and I'm so thankful he let me take it.  It's a treasure that I share with you, in this the anniversary of his passing.  I can't believe it's been FOUR years since he left us.   Whenever I look at this picture, I can't stop thinking about how I almost didn't ask him to take it with me, and his friend DJ Book,  and how, at first, he was hesitant, but obliged anyway.  This picture was taken in late January, or first week of Febuary 2009.  He left us September 19, 2009.

Thank you Grandmaster Roc Raida for perfecting the art of beat juggling.  Thank you for forming the X-Men (later the X-Ecutioners).  Thank you for the countless DJ sessions, mixtapes (in particular, the break beat tapes) that inspired countless DJ's around the world to only attempt to do what you did best.  Thank you for creating one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs of all time, O.C.'s "Time's Up".  Last, but not least, thank you for gracing our store with your presence, and being the humble brother didn't pull his celebrity card.  You only wanted to know if we had good records and kept coming back because you felt we did.  THANK YOU.   -Marshall

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Friend "The Nitekrawler"

From time to time, we like to show appreciation to some of our great customers and noted personalities from, or currently residing in, the DMV.  On display today is our friend and longtime customer Kevin Coombe, a.k.a. DJ Nitekrawler.  Kevin is a walking resource for DC, Maryland, and Virginia funk and soul. He currently runs the website DC Soul Recordings, which is a one stop shop for information on funk, soul, and R&B from the late '60's, '70's, and early 80's in our area. We're proud to say, some of his rarer pieces have been discovered here at your favorite record store. 

Anybody who may question is knowledge or want to know how deep his crates run, check out Moneytown, his long running funk & soul night at Little Miss Whiskey's On H Street.  It goes down every first Friday of the month, and is one of the best dance parties in the city.  Many high profile DJ legends have graced his booth on the strength of this night.  DJ Cash Money, and Prince Paul to name a few. 

One thing in particular that we're excited about is that Kevin is FINALLY getting started on his much anticipated book that will honor and chronicle the funk, soul, and R&B music history of the area, mainly focusing on the '60's, '70's, and '80's.  What his beautiful wife is holding in her hands are the original flow charts and first chapter of this soon to be treasure.  We know that alot of time and effort have gone into getting this far into the process of writing a book (interviews, research, travel, etc.)  So when it's available to all of you in the upcoming years, just remember, we let you know about it from the very start.  To our friend Kevin, keep diggin', keep writing, and keep the funk alive.

You Spent How Much On Records???!!!

Our Labor Day weekend sale was a tremendous success.  We thank all of our customers for coming out and supporting us in-between their vacation activities.  There were quite a few buyers who took full advantage of the sale and helped us gain some much need walking space on our selling floor.  We wish we could show you plenty of pictures of the smiles and the happy chaos that overtook your favorite record store, but many chose not to have their pictures taken, due to the upcoming explanations they have to give to their spouses and significant others, henceforth, the title of this post. 

One brave soul did let us take his picture with his record stack.  He stated that he didn't mind being the poster boy for our sale because his wife knew it was a forgone conclusion that if he left the house this holiday weekend, it would be to buy records.  Communication is the key to a happy marriage!
Thanks again to all that have, and will continue to, support your favorite record store.

-Michael & Marshall

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Record Sale & Early CD Releases!!

Piles of new LP's on the selling floor! Let's clean them out this weekend, before inventory. Starting today through Monday (with what's left), recieve 50% OFF ALL RECORDS ON SELLING FLOOR WITH PURCHASE OF $100 OR MORE; 25% OFF $50 and over PURCHASE; 20% OFF $25 and over PURCHASE. ***Disclaimer: Sale does not include SEALED records, records behind our counter, or records that have been previously put on hold.***

For all of our cd buyers we haven't forgotten you and your necessary music fix this weekend.
New CD's from Tamar Braxton-Love and War, John Legend-Love In the Future, and
Jaheim-Appreciation Day for the R&B lovers. 
On the Blues side, we have new releases from Willie Clayton-One Man, One Voice and T.K. Soul-The Hit Maker (Greatest Hits).
 Last, but not least, Gospel superstar Deitrick Haddon releases R.E.D.(Restoring Everything Damaged)
Come in today and get your music right for the holiday weekend!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Brand New Northern Soul Haul!!!!

JUST IN: Great Northern Soul collection, including SHRINES!! Call or come in to see.
We know it's been a little while since we've posted some good news and great finds for your favorite record store, but you will be very pleased with some of our latest finds. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thanks Jeff & Gary!

We were happy to see a great customer and good friend of our store, Gary Mitchell(right), back in your favorite record store stocking up on Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Aretha Franklin 45's, just to name a few.  He came with his a good friend, fellow music aficionado, and film documentarian Jeff Krulik. 

Our guy Gary Mitchell has been collecting good grooves for decades and is currently featured on Top Shelf Oldies on the first Tuesday of each month from 8pm-11pm.  Also, check him out on AM 1430 Annapolis from 3pm-7pm.  Gary's always been a reservoir of great music information, especially 50's and 60's pop & soul, and he reflects that knowledge in his vast playlist.  You'll most likely hear rare selections not commonly heard on the radio.  For those of us in the business of buying and selling vinyl, you'll know Gary's face from some of your favorite record shows up and down the East coast. 

It was a pleasure getting to know Jeff Krulik.  Being a Documentary filmaker, he regaled us with stories of old record shows, music venues (some still open, most closed down), famous and not so famous bands coming in and out of the DC area, you name it.  His website, is chock full of great documentaries.  Some films are dedicated to music, but many of his films cover a wide array of subject matter, from a  World War II discovery of a lifetime to Ernest Borgnine.  We take it Jeff's first time in our store was well worth it.  He gained new friends, followers of his site and films, and even snatched up a copy MFSB's "Very Best" on cd.  This was the background music for he and Gary's time in your favorite record store, and he couldn't get past the mellow vibes.  It was a must he take "The Sound of Philadelphia" home with him. 

We thank you guys again for gracing our store with your presence. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Sale Aftermath

We're sending more heartfelt THANK YOU'S to all our new and current customers for showing support for your favorite record store this recent Memorial Day weekend.  We're gearing up for another great weekend in our store.   In particular, we have to show respect to a new customer, local DC beatsmith and all around good brother Damu the Fudgemunk, and a long time vinyl connoisseur and loyal customer Gene Brown, for blessing our store.   Check out Damu's label, Redefinition Records. Not only can you support your local record store, but support your local independent artists also.  Our friend Gene Brown is a breakbeat/sample/rare groove aficionado out of North Carolina that has discovered some of best beats for some of your favorite producers over the past two decades.  We don't know if there's a record store that hasn't had Gene in it, or a serious buyer of vinyl that hasn't heard of, or come to know of, our friend Gene Brown.  Check out Hip-Hop superproducer Just Blaze giving up good vibes about Gene in this episode of Crate Diggers.  BTW, we hope the producers of this show end up giving one of these guys their own feature, they definately have the makings of a great episode. 

Be on the lookout for more sales and offers coming up for the Summer.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Come in now through Monday, May 27th, 2013 for savings on all records and cd's on our selling floor. LP's & 12"singles marked $9.99-$19.99 are $5/each when you purchase 5 or more. All other LP's & 12" singles are 1/2 off when you purchase 5 or more. $3 45's: Buy 5 or more from our selling floor, and recieve the sale price of $2/each. All CD's & DVD's: 10% OFF! Better discounts for large quantities.

**Excludes special orders, items on hold, or merchandise behind the counter. Album specials exclude sealed LP's. Mention this website advertisement to recieve specials.**

Monday, May 13, 2013


We celebrate the musical genius of Stevland Hardaway Morris EVERYDAY at Memory Lane
be it LP's
 or CD's
no store in the DMV has the selection we have for music by the great Stevie Wonder!
Come in and get your Stevie fix.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Record Store Day Aftermath!!!!

We at Memory Lane CD's and Records want to send a heartfelt and humble THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers in the past, and all of the new customers, that came in over the weekend and made RECORD STORE DAY at Memory Lane a great success. 
Still have to show respect to those who came to buy cd's, even though it was OFFICIALLY,
Record Store Day.
We have to give a great big THANK YOU to one of our most loyal customers, David Eucare, for coming in both days of our Record Store Day weekend extravaganza, and showing us love. 

*Thank you to those who let us share their photos*

Friday, April 19, 2013

Memory Lane Celebrates Record Store Day

Stop in and visit us on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 for the annual "Record Store Day" celebration. We will be offering in-store record and cd giveaways, as well as the following sales: mention seeing this ad, and receive a 10% discount on all CD's, DVD's, & Tapes. All used records on the selling floor are also on sale: LP's are $5-$25(25%-50% discount), and $3 45's are $2 (with confirmation of this offer.)


Disclaimer: Discounts do not apply to sealed lp's, special orders, behind the counter merchandise, or items previously on hold. No limit to discount on quantity of purchase(s). Sale ends Sunday, April 21st. please mention this offer at checkout, to receive discount. THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New R&B and Jazz flood the bins

Today was a watershed day for great new arrivals to come into Memory Lane

An early R&B holy grail has graced us today...
as well Memphis, Baltimore, & DC rare Soul...
and can't forget the 60's soul men...
just to name a few.  If you love what see, come in and grace your favorite record store with presence.  These gems may (or may not) still be in our store, but don't think this is all the cream from recent purchases.  There's so much more we haven't put on display here, but so much more to add to your collection.  Come check us out A.S.A.P!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jazz CD's & Rare LP's galore!!!

Recently, your favorite record store has been drowning in rare, hard to find CD's & LP's.  On the cd side, we are inundated with Blue Note, Prestige, Verve, Impulse, and Columbia choice selections that will have your Jazz fix FIXED!  On the LP side,  we've been blessed to stock some rare funk, rock 'n' roll, latin, jazz, and soundtracks recently. 
So much good music that our international clientel have been going BANANAS!! USPS is loving us right now.  Some heavy hitters are definately moving out the door.  But don't let that discourage you.  On this side of the Atlantic ocean, our local customers have been getting  in on our great new finds.  Producers coming in for their samples, record collectors filing up their catalogues, or as one of our customer stated earlier, "I need some of those to make my other records jealous". 
Either way, your favorite record store is bringing heat and not about to put out any fires as of yet.  Come through and check the rare, and not so rare, finds that have our store packed end to end at this time.  Absolutely worth the trip and your time. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Favorite Record Store is on WUSA9

Your favorite record store was featured on WUSA9.  Our friend Royal Height has a local hit just in time for the inauguration.  Filmed at our friendly confides, he gives the inspiration and reason for the song.  Come in and get your copy today, or check out all the great cd's & lp's that have come through recently and tell us what you thought of the broadcast.
Memory Lane CD's & Record's Makes The News