Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thanks Jeff & Gary!

We were happy to see a great customer and good friend of our store, Gary Mitchell(right), back in your favorite record store stocking up on Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Aretha Franklin 45's, just to name a few.  He came with his a good friend, fellow music aficionado, and film documentarian Jeff Krulik. 

Our guy Gary Mitchell has been collecting good grooves for decades and is currently featured on Top Shelf Oldies on the first Tuesday of each month from 8pm-11pm.  Also, check him out on AM 1430 Annapolis from 3pm-7pm.  Gary's always been a reservoir of great music information, especially 50's and 60's pop & soul, and he reflects that knowledge in his vast playlist.  You'll most likely hear rare selections not commonly heard on the radio.  For those of us in the business of buying and selling vinyl, you'll know Gary's face from some of your favorite record shows up and down the East coast. 

It was a pleasure getting to know Jeff Krulik.  Being a Documentary filmaker, he regaled us with stories of old record shows, music venues (some still open, most closed down), famous and not so famous bands coming in and out of the DC area, you name it.  His website, jeffkrulik.com is chock full of great documentaries.  Some films are dedicated to music, but many of his films cover a wide array of subject matter, from a  World War II discovery of a lifetime to Ernest Borgnine.  We take it Jeff's first time in our store was well worth it.  He gained new friends, followers of his site and films, and even snatched up a copy MFSB's "Very Best" on cd.  This was the background music for he and Gary's time in your favorite record store, and he couldn't get past the mellow vibes.  It was a must he take "The Sound of Philadelphia" home with him. 

We thank you guys again for gracing our store with your presence. 

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